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Water Management | Windmills | Recovery of land | The flooding | Delta Works | Schelde | Neeltje Jans |

The Delta Works

The floodings in 1953 made it very clear how vulnerable the land and the people living there were. Therefore a hugh effort was made to create new and better protection to make sure that this would not happen again. Before the flooded land had even dried up, the new plan were ready. It got the name the Delta Plan and included following main things. The four great estuaries in the south-western Netherlands should be closed with dams. These closings must be done in a special order because of the tidal movements The shipping and fishing would also have to be ensures for economical reasons. Because of this the Deltawerken, Deltaworks, is a very complicated collection of locks, sluices, channels, bridges, slides and gates working together.

In time these ideas spread to the north where new dikes were built and old ones restored and re-enforced along all shores and rivers. Today all estuaries has been closed, except the New Waterway and the Western Scheldt, which remain open to allow shipping access to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp in Belgium. One of the latest improvements of the Delta plan was the storm surge barrier in the New Waterway near Hoek van Holland built in 1997. It consists of two enormous doors mounted on swing arms that can be used to close the estuary if storm and high water requires in order to protect the country.

Storm surge barrier
source:neeltje jans
Water Management | Windmills | Recovery of land | The flooding | Delta Works | Schelde | Neeltje Jans |

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